What is EngStarter?

Did you know?


What is EngStarter?

Each EngStarter is set of electronic components, preassembled circuit boards, and codes designed for easy integration to create projects to solve water, energy, and food problems. Each kit comes with sensors, controllers, and actuators which are specially designed on an simplistic platform and are suitable for use in fragile and displaced settings.


What’s in the Engineering Starter Kit?

The EngStarter kit includes its own printed classes, textbooks, videos, and instructions using informed design practices and research-driven engineering practices to support teachers to conduct engineering classes or even help students to learn independently; There are four kits within the EngStarter: the WaterBOX, SparkBOX, FoodBOX, and PlayBOX; An Android Mobile App is used to connect and control circuits through a cell phone; electronic toolkits are provided to help students to build their prototypes, and user access to the online platform allows access to online classes, quizzes, assessment, and more.

Making People Part of the Solution

Each EngStarter is set of electronic components, preassembled circuit boards, instructions, and codes designed for easy integration to create projects that allow students to solve water, energy, and food problems. It is also a compact, all-in-one education platform designed specifically for use in engineering courses in fragile and displace settings.

Who is our target?

Hobbyists or small group of students

A person or small group of students interested in using one or more EngStarter engineering applications (WaterBOX, FoodBOX, SparkBOX, and PlayBOX) to practice engineering skills and develop immediate solutions

Small classrooms (up to 15 students)

Small classrooms that are running or ready to launch courses in fragile and displaced regions. We also provide faculty training so that we teach instructors on how to boost classroom performance

Schools in fragile settings, displaced communities, and low income urban regions

Small schools with Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math programs

Main Features



Color-coded, simple connections, compact and user-friendly interface to manipulate electronic circuits


Immediate application

Socially relevant applications. Water, farming, and energy application and growing



Mobile and internet integration


Variety of applications

30+ different sensors, modules, and actuators that can be combined in different ways. Imagination is the limit


Contextually-aligned education

Online instructions, classes, tutorials, and manuals available



All resources, components, books, toolkits, in one box

Hardware & Software

The kit has shields that include microcontrollers, 30+ sensor modules, libraries and codes

Education Material

The kit has a set of offline and online education materials to teach electronics, engineering, and coding

Mobile Integration

The circuit can be connected via Bluetooth with a customized app to develop smart applications