Water Control Management solution selected in a global competition

Water Control Management solution selected in a global competition

Hello community!

We are happy to announce our Water Control Management solution (the same system that you can build using the WaterBOX) was selected as a finalist among 1200 projects around the world.

The Cities for our Future Challenge is a global competition run by the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) in partnership with UNESCO UKNC and the ACU.

In January, we issued a challenge to imaginative, problem solving young professionals, start ups and students involved in surveying, urban design, architecture, or engineering. The challenge was simple: share your transformative ideas for projects and policies that solve some of the defining issues of our time: Rapid Urbanisation, Climate Change and Resource Scarcity.

We received over 1,200 entries, and our judging panels around the world have now decided which entries make up the global shortlist.

The next step in the Cities for our Future competition will see each of the 12 finalists given a RICS mentor to help them develop their concepts into a viable project in advance of the final judging in November.

” Claudio Freitas from the United States: Claudio Freitas has put forward an Internet of Things (IOT) Water Control Management system. Through a mobile-web based system, the IoT-based monitoring system delivers real-time information on water access and quality. It can also point out the origin of the toxins that are affecting the water quality and can be installed on water tanks to yield data on water consumption. Whilst the idea was created to provide a solution in a refugee camp, the technology would work just as well in urban areas that lack a proper infrastructure, such as favelas, or in major cities trying to reduce their water consumption.”

More information: https://www.unesco.org.uk/news/finalists-in-cities-for-our-future-competition-revealed-worlds-young-people-design-the-cities-of-the-future/


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