Research-Driven Technology

Advancing Education in Emergencies

We conduct research on societal problems that define engineering challenges today and tomorrow.  Our team aspire to understand local problems that impact people’s live today, and core to our approach is transforming our findings in real world applications to advance and build a better world.

From Research to Application

Research across Engineering for Social Good is innovating across many domains. We challenge educational practices and reimagine engineering education so that everyone can benefit.

Higher Education in Emergencies

In this research, our team is developing a curricular structure and educational framework to teach introductory engineering for tertiary students in refugee settings.

Pre-college pathways for displaced youth

We strive to co-create a program that enables formerly homeless in Eldoret, Kenya to learn engineering skills and problem-solving processes and then apply these tools to local development challenges in their community.

Women in Engineering

This project seeks to understand the links between cultural context and expanding women’s STEM participation by studying the economic, educational, socio-cultural, legal, and political drivers of women’s participation in these contexts.

Innovations in delivery

This research thrust includes the study of a novel mechanical engineering class environment, study of the introductory physics course sequence, and investigation of introductory lab kits for more accessible advanced neuroscience experiments.