‘Innovate For Refugees’ 2019 finalist #CrackTheCrisis

‘Innovate For Refugees’ 2019 finalist #CrackTheCrisis

We are finalists!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Innovate for Refugees Competition (IFR) is a global competition for the best tech-driven solutions addressing the challenges faced by refugees across the globe. Launched on World Refugee Day in 2016 by the MIT Enterprise Forum Pan Arab, the competition awarded 12 solutions with over 240,000 USD in equity free investments. The third edition of Innovate for Refugees launches August 2018.

This year’s ‘Innovate For Refugees’ was extra challenging to judge and evaluate, especially as we have received applications from over 50 countries from around the world that were diverse both in scope and level of growth.

The finalists will be taking part in an intensive 4-day training program conducted by the MIT Bootcamps in preparation to their final pitches on January 27 in Amman. The trainings are led by MIT-trained coaches and will focus on the fundamentals of starting a new venture. Problem specification, customer, solution, business model, pitching, all supported by hands-on coaching.

The winners of each track will be announced during the final event in the evening of January 27 at the King Hussein Business Park (Amman). The event will feature a keynote address by Sanjay Sarma, VP of Open Learning at MIT, in addition to a panel focused on sustainable solution to the educational gap created by forceful displacement. We will also be graduating the first cohort of the MIT ReACT Certificate Program part of the MIT ReACT Hub, an initiative that was launched in May 2017 when the challenge of refugee education was presented at MIT SOLVE.The MIT Enterprise Forum Pan-Arab Region is ReACT’s inaugural Seed Partner.

MORE INFORMATION: https://www.mitefarab.org/en/blog/innovate-for-refugees-2019-finalists-crackthecrisis


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