UN declared that the number of undernourished people has been increasing in the world, and  the Rome Declaration on Food Security recognized that industrial agriculture alone was not the solution to the problem on food insecurity. It is necessary to consider structural issues and local empowerment for a sustainable solution.

Food Security and Nutrition

Undernourishment affects the live of 870 million people across the world. In this course, students are experience to food security issues and nutrition. Students are encouraged to reflect on local scarcity and degradation of natural resources. Then, we help them to identify needs and problems where engineering design can help them to develop farming practices and a sense of smart use of their food resources.

Farming and Hydroponics

Students are exposured to different sensors and technologies that help them to develop sustainable farming and hydroponics solutions. Students will have access to different electronic components and actuators that can be integrated into a system to manage plants. By using FoodBOX, students can build a system that controls different plant properties and fosters their creativity to advance those solutions towards their own needs.

Electronics and IoT Application

While there is a number of existing products in the market related to food security and farming, we help students to learn important concepts behind farming and agriculture practices. Then,  FoodBOX enables students to build a system by themselves or even integrate with their cell phone with a customizable app that gives control through their cell phone.

System Integration

Students will comprehend basic electronic and programming elements, engineering design, and food security properties. After evaluating the benefits of electronics, they can turn electronic components into a prebuilt plant growing box system, and then evaluate additional improvements by using a library with +30 sensors and actuators.


Students are enrolled
in the course

After debriefing with schools and/or teachers about their classrooms, we will help them to plan, structure, and recruit students for a course that can last from 4 to 8 weeks


Learn to evaluate
food and nutrition properties

We designed contextually aligned and research driven educational materials, classes, tutorials, and videos to be used in the classroom and to support teachers. Students are exposed to food and nutrition issues, engineering design process, and basic electronic and programming


Food System

Students learn to integrate components and build the plant growing box system by themselves. With a large variety of additional sensors and actuators, students are encouraged to improve the system based on their own reality and local needs.


Testing and

Students build and test a predesigned planting system that also includes a hydroponics solution. They can test, evaluate, improve designs, share, and adapt to their local needs. They can use a customized Android app to read and control the electronic circuit.

Food security is a social problem

Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) 2 is to “End hunger, achieve food security and improved nutrition, and promote sustainable agriculture”. But 800 million people are undernourished.

Food Problem-at-a-Glance