Energy Efficiency


Learn how to create a sustainable energy solution that help to solve waste of energy by using technology to help monitor and detect human presence, light, and temperature. Besides that, this solution is addressed to provide tools to advance solutions toward renewable energy and develop systems that use solar energy.

Solar power and sustainable energy

Students are exposured to different sources of renewable energy, and we help them to identify feasible solutions in their context. Then, we explore basic concepts about electricity and comsuption by increasing their awareness about the importance to do dimensioning and energy planning in their projects.

Electronics and Energy Efficiency

Students play with a variety of solar system, sensors, and actuators that help them manage the electricity in the hourse, as well as give to them a glimpse regarding an efficient use of solar energy using the components they have in the SparkBOX. By using the kit, they can build a system that can be applied in their house to minimize the energy consumption.

Internet-of-Things Application

Besides the solar power application, students can develop smart systems to be controlled via cell-phone. In doing so, they can verify and control their house via Bluetooth. They can customize the app as well as modify and improve the system.

Students from Tumaini Tech Project creating solar energy application

System Integration

Students will comprehend basic electronic and programming elements, engineering design, and energy and solar properties. After evaluating the benefits of electronics, they can turn electronic components into a prebuilt solar energy system, and then evaluate additional improvements by using a library with +30 sensors and actuators adapted to their own reality.


Students are enrolled
in the course

After debriefing with schools and/or teachers about their classrooms, we will help them to plan, structure, and recruit students for a course that can last from 4 to 8 weeks


Learn to evaluate
renewable energy solutions

We designed contextually aligned and research driven educational materials, classes, tutorials, and videos to be used in the classroom and to support teachers. Students are exposed to electricity issues, engineering design process, and basic electronic and programming.


Energy Efficient System

Students learn to integrate components and build the energy saving system by themselves. With a large variety of additional sensors and actuators, students are encouraged to improve the system based on their own reality and local needs.


Testing and

Students build and test a predesigned energy saving system. They can test, evaluate, improve designs, share, and adapt to their local needs. They can use a customized Android app to read and control the electronic circuit.

Electricity = development

Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) 7 is to “Ensure access to affordable, reliable, sustainable and modern energy”. But there are 1 billion people functioning without electricity.

Electricity at a Glance